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What do you do if you discover you have black mold?

First of all, you need to know that all black mold is not “the” black mold. Sometimes the mildly toxic mold can be black. The black, furry looking mold on the wood in the crawlspace is usually something like Cladisporium, which has a low toxicity. It still needs to be removed but it is not the highly toxic, Stachybotrys, which is actually a black, smeary looking mess. Stachybotrys usually has a pungent smell and is well hidden. It needs a continuous source of water which keeps the cellulosic material it needs for food very wet. It takes weeks or months for this toxic mold to grow.

If someone is getting or staying sick, and you suspect it may be mold related, it is best to hire a mold removal specialist or mold inspector to examine the area and conduct some tests. The longer you are exposed to mold, the more sensitive you become and the symptoms will get increasingly more severe, making you more allergic to mold. Some common symptoms are headaches, congestion, fatigue, loss of memory and mental focus. These symptoms don’t confirm you are exposed to mold, but they can indicate you need to investigate your environment. If you feel better when you are away from an environment for a few days and them worse when you return, it may be an indicator of an unhealthy environment. But remember, not every environmental distress is mold. Sometimes bad indoor air quality can be a result of off-gassing of formaldehyde, too much carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, not enough fresh air, too much dust, etc.

Should you try to handle it yourself or hire a mold remediation specialist?

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