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Water Damage Emergency Tips Nashville

Water Damage Emergency Tips Nashville begins with an explanation of what constitutes a water damage emergency. These events can be caused by storms that include tornadoes, hurricanes, strong thunderstorms or powerful blizzards that may result in flooding when the snow melts later.

Some Common Possible Water Damage Emergency Events

Other causes of a property damaging water event include a burst hot water tank, a backed up sewer or overflowing nearby water sources like rivers, lakes or streams.

After a large snowstorm, the melted snow might be heavy enough to cause roof damage allowing water to seep inside.

Another great water damage emergency tip a Nashville based water remediation specialist recommends is to have your roof and attic assessed by a local property damage restoration service following major storms.

What You Should Do After Calling for Emergency Help

Call a Nashville area water damage restoration company able to provide fast emergency response time. Protect yourself and anyone else on the site by getting everyone to a safe location.

How To Determine if Your Home Is Safe To Stay In

Property owners should take steps to ensure the safety of everyone inside. Too many homeowners slip and fall on wet floors caused by some type of water emergency.

Back related injuries may occur from lifting heavy belongings out of the flooded area without paying attention to maintaining the correct body position during lifting. Water sodden items can become extremely heavy.

Tasks To Be Done After Some Kind of Flooding Situation

While it’s important to remember the above water damage emergency tips Nashville residents should heed, there are plenty of tasks that the property owners can do once the site is deemed safe.

These tasks include:

  • Mop up water & blot floors dry
  • Remove any valuables or important keepsakes & put in a safer location
  • If safe & out of flood zone, run the air-conditioner if it is summertime to promote faster drying
  • Remove living room furniture cushions, stand them upright in dry area
  • Wipe off moisture from wooden furniture
  • Move wet belongings to dry area or outside
  • Prevent dye runoff onto floors, carpets & other surfaces by removing colored throw rugs
  • Set bed legs/feet onto blocks to dry out carpeting

Don’t do these things in the aftermath of a flood.

  • Don’t leave soaked wet clothing or fabrics in flooded area – remove & hang up to air-dry
  • Don’t turn on the TV or other household appliances
  • Never try to remove water from carpeting with a vacuum cleaner
  • Don’t switch on light fixtures
  • Stay out of rooms with wet, sagging or crumbling ceilings
  • Don’t leave magazines or books lying on wet carpeting or flooring as print dye can stain

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