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Moisture and water damage can be the biggest threat to your home and business. If the incident is sudden, the speed and thoroughness of drying is the secret to prohibit the growth of mold. If maintenance has been neglected or if a building design is failing and allowing moisture to accumulate, secondary water damage, or mold will grow. In that case, the first step is to stop the source of moisture, then clean or remove the contaminated materials under containment so as to not cross contaminate the rest of the structure, have the area tested by a third party and only then do the reconstruction.
DryRite uses sophisticated equipment and trained, experienced and certified technicians to achieve “next level” results. Thermal imaging cameras can quickly scan an area and reveal hidden moisture other drying companies may miss. Moisture meters can tell exactly how wet materials are. Thermal hygrometers can monitor the air quality to make sure the best drying environment is created. Air movers are industrial fans used to maximize evaporation from the surfaces. Wall cavity injection systems are used to dry wall cavities while minimizing destruction. Wood floor drying mat systems can effectively remove the moisture from a wood floor and make it lay back down to its pre-water damage condition. Dehumidifiers are used to create the best environment for drying as quickly as possible. Infrared heaters are used to heat the surface without heating the air for optimal drying.
DryRite is qualified to make professional decisions when handling the job. Sometimes materials like baseboards or vinyl floor coverings need to be removed because they create a moisture barrier which prohibits the drying process. Cabinets and other built-ins may need to be removed to find moisture “sandwiched” between materials. In some cases it is more economical to replace some materials than to restore them.
When processing an insurance claim, you want someone on your team like DryRite, whose technicians have handled hundreds of claims. We are experts in using Xactimate, the computer estimating program most widely used in the property claims industry. Our goal is to finish the job with you, the adjuster, and the agent all loving us.