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Nobody wants to find mold in their homes. While most forms of mold do not appear to cause harm to people, black mold has been linked to respiratory issues and even other health conditions when breathed in for a long time. Mold does pose a threat to any structures and materials in its path of destruction. This fungus attaches itself to the surfaces of floors, walls, beams and more. It then spreads both horizontally and vertically. Mold penetrates downward destroying layers of structures. This is why mold seems to reappear if the mold infested item is not completely removed or treated.

The cleanup and removal of black mold is best left for professional mold specialists. It is critical to wear the appropriate safety and protective apparel and gear. This includes safety googles, full body cover-ups, protective shoe covers and HEPA approved filtered masks and respirator. If people inside the home begin to experience cold, flu or allergy like symptoms, call in professional mold remediation specialists fast. Black mold can also appear green, white and other colors, and it can also appear fuzzy. To determine what type of mold is in your home, a sample will be collected and analysed by mold experts.

The so called black mold is really Stachybotrys chartarum. This mold type is also called “toxic mold,” and it will release microscopic spores into the air. These are dangerous to breathe in, and individuals can develop reddened and irritated eyes, itchy skin, rashes and cold or flu-like symptoms.

Call in mold remediation experts if you notice:

  • Pungent & musty odor present
  • Dampness or water circle stains on walls, ceilings, floors etc.
  • Obvious mold growth
  • Increased respiratory issues

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