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Horror stories about mold are everywhere. What should you do if you see or suspect you have mold contamination? Not to be an alarmist, but if you suspect the mold is contributing to health problems, you should have the indoor air quality tested by a qualified professional. If you or someone in the area is suffering severe health problems and you can see mold, evacuate the area and do not reenter until the mold has been removed by a qualified mold removal specialist, the moisture problem which created it has been corrected, and air testing confirms the area is safe.
If, on the other hand, the mold contamination is small (less than 10 square feet) you can remove it yourself (unless you have any health concerns). After putting on a safety mask and gloves, vacuum the area with a HEPA filtered vacuum and wipe the surface with a disinfectant type cleaner. Make sure the affected materials are dry and the source of moisture has been corrected.
When you need to hire a mold remediation specialist, make sure the following steps are done. These are taken from the DryRite procedures manual.
  • Test the air quality in the affected area, in the non-affected area (to confirm no cross-contamination), and a surface sample of the contaminated surface
  • Put on the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Remove contents for disposal or to protected area for cleaning
  • Set up containment with negative air pressure and HEPA filtered air
  • All wall, floor and ceiling openings are sealed
  • Set up a HEPA filtered air scrubber outside the containment
  • HEPA vacuum the contaminated surface
  • Remove any contaminated materials
  • Apply fungicide and mold/moisture retardant to remaining structural materials
  • HEPA vacuum and wipe containment interior
  • Have 3rd party testing of air quality inside and outside the containment area as well as surfaces inside the containment
  • Remove containment when test results confirm the area meets clean standards
  • Replace the contents which tested to be successfully cleaned
In all cases, the source of moisture must be corrected and the materials must be dried. The HVAC system is cleaned if necessary.
When you hire a professional, use the DryRite checklist to make sure you are not overlooking an important step. We would love to assist you in restoring a healthy indoor environment.
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